Life is an accumulation. We are in time and time is an accumulation. This idea is an accumulation of ideas. This entry is an accumulation of entries. All entries are an accumulation of entries.    We hurl the pebble of our ideas into the great lake of accumulation. Our pebble is heavy and will sink to the bottom, but what we are in interested in now is the impact. When it hits the flat, still surface, ripples will spread in perfect circles – in theory to the very extremes of the vast lake. At the same time more ideas are being thrown. We are not alone here. Even as our rippling little waves surge outward other circles superimpose them: the pattern that we originally composed is now no longer the same but we do not dismay: that even the still, dark waters of the lake have such a chaos potential for complexity gives us more hope than fear. Where the peaks of ripples crash into a trough they dissolve, but when peak runs over peak, or a trough dips into a trough, the ripples become stronger and the pattern’s intensity grows.



  1. Yesterday morning, on a brief trip to the shops, I changed stations on the radio just in time to hear the presenter say: “The brain is a palimpsest”. This was the name of the piece of music she was about to play, in which layers of music develop upon earlier themes; she parallelled this with the subject of the parchment or vellum that is effaced and overwritten with subsequent text – while still retaining some trace of the original message.

    She then led back to the title of the piece, and the certainty that the human brain also retains what was previously written, or forgotten, or repressed – whether or not we are consciously aware of it. The events – and our response to them – then become part of who we are, as a person.

    Does this relate to the original post? You may disagree, but my mind felt an immediate connection. Here are some thoughts that I think are related:
    – Ripples in the pond of ideas can intersect at surprising times; perhaps this affected the decisions that led me to tuning to that station at that brief time…
    – The brain is a palimpsest – but, unlike the partially-cleaned parchment, I think the previous message persists, in its entirety, at some level. As much as we might like to forget aspects of our past, we nevertheless retain the good and bad, the beauty and the pain (and the associated struggle of “moving on”). For better or worse, they all become part of who we are as a person.
    – Similarly, people express a need to “find closure” from a sad event; time may indeed give some relief, but I think the pain and the healing process become an ongoing part of who we are – the ripples continue.
    – The circles may exist in the context of a broader lake, where minds meet and share ideas; where theories are floated, and developed – which I feel was the theme of the original post; alternatively they may be constrained within the smaller pond, being the ideas that reverberate within our own lives, and the themes that recur in our own minds.
    – A quick consultation of google failed to bring back a reference to the piece of music I had heard, but did bring up some other interesting entries, if you care to look.

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