Thales of Miletus (3) – the Magnet and Me


(III)          The Magnet and Me

The pulling soul of the magnet groans in absolute silence,

revolted by its own kind like an ocean tide

All is water

the moon is water, is a magnet confused

The hard psyche of the magnet moves iron

All that moves…

(that moves)

… that has the power to put in motion

all of it that moves

has psyche


Empsychos :

the animated; the alive –


the inanimate; the dead

“You are either alive or dead”

Blood pumps through veins, gurgling gushes, we are alive, but

what makes us live?

’Tis the psyche of men

The psyche of magnets

–          man is a magnet ! –

Translated by such an iron association you protest

“What is life?!?”

The answer struggles simply through its complexity

to a five-fold conclusion:

–     perception with understanding

–        change with permanence

–        development with decadence

–        ability to perceive

–        ability to change itself, change the rest

“And you?

Tell me about yourself…”

Not alive, yet not dead

mine is a half-life

revolted by its own kind

attracted only by opposites

without realisation

the dumbest life of all

void of orexis

of desire

an anorexic stone void of will…

The movement of magnets is theirs

only magnets move as magnets

north goes to south

south to north

the most primitive perception

My will, my desires, are mine

but am I really more fortunate than the rock under my foot

…because of desire and will?

Magnets have their tastes

preference for forks, steel forks

(no appetite at all for plastic)

totally indifferent to cloth, wood, or glass

only iron and steel will do

Hard forged tastes…

“I do not complicate my life as you

My desires are for exclusive things

I may only be a stone

but I’m a discerning one”

Magnet ! If you are  alive

then leave that iron be –

yet you are incapable

you have gone to it and now you are stuck

You are not free

You are not alive

Yet how hard you suck and stick and cling


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