The money-drug system: expanding the multitude


Drug culture, any drug culture, has a lust for expansion. The more people addicted to your drug the more market there is, the more money there is to be made. Drug-money culture already has the money, all it needs for that money to grow. And for good quality money to grow we need markets to expand and expanding markets need a swelling demography.

At the moment (this exact moment of writing) the population of the world is 7,047,932,039[i]. Last year the population rose by seventy million. Look at the graph: what a lovely spike.

File:Population curve.svg

Are we noticing the stress? These figures are the most significant thing we can say about us in the world. Our individual view of the world will firstly depend on whether we see our numbers positively or negatively; or if we just don’t care. Our primary questions: Are you happy that we are so many? Are you worried that every year we are so many more?

If you answer yes or no to these questions you have an ethical attitude regarding our place in the world. If you don’t know or don’t care, you don’t have one. But the fact that you don’t care doesn’t mean that the importance of the numbers will go away. Let us emphasise what we think is essential: the number of people in the world is the most important standpoint we can come from for perceiving our place in it and forming an opinion about that place. Opinions which will be, like it or not, crucial for the survival of humanity and crucial for all existence.

We are closing in on 7,500,000,000 and we will keep growing past it. The neo-capitalist philosophies of the IMF and the World Bank will ensure it. Capitalism needs more consumers and more cheap labour. The pyramid needs to expand its base. That is where we are going – locked into an expansion which can only have an apocalyptic result.

Moving happily forward we are, but no longer secure in our advances. Happy, yes, but there is stress and difficulty. The system is degenerate and perverted and it’s getting worse. Blindly thinking there are no limits, or that our technology will overcome all limits, we still push ahead. We are going happily forward because we are not realistically looking at where we are going. We are a race of supermad, ostrich hominoids, running happily forward with our heads pushed up into upturned buckets of sand.

[i] Source WORLDOMETERS at



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