Exist or not exist: that is OUR question:

Whether to ignore the logical and enjoy

The fruits of a culture of outrageous fortune,

Or to stand against its wave of self-consummation,

And, by calming the surge, end it. To die, to sleep –

But to dream no more. No minds of men, no women’s

Hope. No matter at all if by our endless

Propagation we have consumed it all.

The Universe needs us. Without us it is but

Object unknown. Object without knowing-subject

Does not exist.

We need the world and yet we beat it, punish

It as if we loathed it. Like a de Sade

With his sluts, so are we to the world.

To be or not to be, it is time to face the question

In an adult way, responsibly, for the other

Option, our only other option, is our complete


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