When I desire that car, it is not that I really desire it but I think that others expect me to want it. I want to have what I am expected to want to have. The greatest achievement of the publicity campaign is making your product or turning your product into something which people are expected to have.

Why do we let ourselves be duped time after time? Why are we so easily manipulated by the dictatorship of false needs? To the extent that our lives are driven by it, our resources exhausted by it… Why?

Go shopping, shop from home, whatever… The goal of desire is a viral one, to multiply itself by creating more desire. For this reason an orgasm in the consumer-world is a negative act if it satiates and needs to be followed by a stimulus for more. After satisfaction comes more foreplay – the law of the marketplace. Ours is a hypersexual, multiple-orgasm society.

Why is constant availability suddenly important for us all? Plutocratic publicists tap into our libido. The latest cell-phone dangling before your nose is an electronic phallic-carrot. Like a vibrator it can be pocketed and if its batteries are charged it can be used anywhere.

Exercise, run, keep yourself fit so you can keep cumming. We are kept consumer- healthy by being trained to desire rather than need things.

It is when you feel you are expected to have something that your interest for an object turns into a passionate desire for it. In fact, being expected to want it can turn an object that is even undesirable into something that we cannot do without.


2 thoughts on “ON DESIRE.. DO WE NEED IT?

  1. This reminds me of a guy who didn’t have Facebook for a long time, and his friends decided to make a Facebook group “petition” to get him to join. The number of members in the group grew to over a hundred members! Not only do we want what were are expected to want (as you nicely explained in your post) but we we also want OTHERS to want what THEY are expected to want!

    Funny world huh? 😛

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