The Juggernaut Behemoth


Liberal-democracy is a political tool for capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system for capitalists. The corporate leader says: “What is good for me is good for everyone, you’ll see!” But really it is good because it is very, very good for the capitalist. Through its liberal-democracy propaganda machine the Moloch system puts on a democratic smile and freedom-loving face because it knows that both concepts, democracy and freedom, are slogans that will make them popular.

“Being” for the capitalist is defined by “profit”. In this sense Being is a Becoming. The capitalist never is in the constant sense because the essence of his being is to obtain more. Or the capitalist only is when the capitalist is getting things. The capitalist is homo continuo  , living in a prolonged state of a present continuous. Becoming is Being and Being is Becoming. As Nietzsche said, in one of Heidegger’s favourite passages: “To impose upon becoming the character of being – that is the supreme will to power.”[i] Will to power. Will to want more. Capitalist will.

This concept of “becomingness” and perpetual dissatisfaction creates troubling ethical consequences that have, since capitalism became a “system”, permeated the capitalist civilisation. So what we have is a system and civilisation that never is, that always needs to be gathering more. This implies terms like: development, growth, and expansion. But the thing that is expanding eventually must reach a size in which any more growth must constitute “trampling on”, “squashing”, “pushing out”, “Lebensraum” – the Juggernaut Behemoth.

[i] F. Nietzsche, THE WILL TO POWER, # 617, Kaufmann, Vintage, 1968, p. 330.


2 thoughts on “The Juggernaut Behemoth

  1. The essence of the modern juggernaut State-Capital symbiosis:provide a false dilemma so that the slaves toil “freely and willingly” to ensure their own continuing slavery.

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