The forms of chaos are beautiful. Let it flow. Anarchy is an illusion, the indignant mob will eventually paint a more promising landscape. Our universe is made up of particles, we are the parts of the system – it is us. We are the becoming in this being. It pushes us and we suffer the stress of each tug but eventually we will all find a new pattern, our pattern, the pattern of chaos. Twirls of humanity in a world that we need, harmonious discord, the discordant harmony of nature and human anti-nature. A new technology hums almost silently, but cleanly, giving more and redirecting energy rather than taking it.

We want our world to be simple. Ours is a binary pseudo-nature within the chaos of reality. Bipartisan democracies: give us one choice, please. Will to simplicity: an anti-stress will. Anything more complex than 2 is stressful. Husband and wife: admit no third or there will surely be discord. Keep the stress mutual, easy, simple…

A milligram of gas contains a hundred billion particles, and you are worried about the number 3…-

The problem with tomorrow is the number of events that could unfold, divided by the total number of things that will happen. Tomorrow and tomorrow, and the day after that. Where are we going? When all the things are considered, everything is likely.

What does regression analysis tell us: that while we increase quantitatively and in complexity, we must experience a regression in quality.

Should we apply qualitative theory to regression analysis?


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