Frame all illumination

Parmenides of Elea, born of an illustrious family and held in high esteem for his excellent legislation and exemplary life, paused at a fork in the road where he covered his head and became pensive, but eventually was forced to mumble an opinion: “Two roads to take,” followed by: “Relativity, relativity, all is relativity.”

Frustrated by the alchemy of heat and logic he sat down, out of the sun, under a large plane tree and beckoned his understudies to join him: “The first rule of science, lads: only ever study that which is. Remember: everything we study exists and cannot not exist, for if it does not exist then it cannot be recognised, and it should not be mentioned.” Then, looking at the hunched shapes before him, mottled by shadows of wide leaves: “We can only think of that which exists, and that alone is what can be thought of…

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