Can we go on? (2)


Can we go on?

Our global civilisation and its Wall Street Casino economy, bashed against the rocks of communism until it eroded it away before seeping into Islam which returned the seepage back into the now wide ocean of money culture, floating petrodollars that blend perfectly into Chinese Yuans. It seems that little good will come of this: the flood of capitalism has almost drowned the entire globe. A total flood. Start building your arc.


Can there be any way out of this pessimism other than by soaking back into the earth or evaporating into air?

The only other escape we can imagine would be a topological one, a purposeful deforming of the already full system, using our connectedness to knot ourselves in a continuous Borromean Ring. In this way we could imagine ourselves in a positive fashion as the corpuscles flowing through a world-wide, arterial system, pumped by a positive heart whose purpose is to give more life-force to this world as well as to ourselves and the other creatures that depend on it and will benefit from it.

By association we imagine a macro-psychological system of a Lacanian Borromean Knot corresponding to the Real, Symbolic and Imaginary, now construing a vascular system civilisation in which class structures are replaced with social-psychological ones. The Imaginary is concerned with visionary, utopian issues: philosophical drives and incentives for a humanity reaching out for an ever more harmonious and beautiful partnership with the world that sustains us. The Symbolic concentrates on building a bridge between the imaginary and the Real, searching for the paradigms and organisational structures needed to bring Reality closer to the Imaginary ideals. And then the Real itself, the practical world where Real construction takes place…




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