Our Moloch System makes Whirlwind Crises

Our Moloch system, like topological constructs, is no easily divisible thing, it’s full of a lot of crazy atoms called people and forces of attraction and repulsion between them. Some are spinning clockwise, others anticlockwise – we know from physics that high energy creates either one or the other.  At high energy the pendulum starts spinning in circles, only at low energy will it move with at a nice comfortable to and fro. Likewise the hot, stressful Moloch society propels its particles with violence.

Imagine each one of us in the Moloch of stress as a little whirlwind. We start to whirl in spiralling, weaving vortices, going up and down in merry-go-round movements, twisted and braided vortices of stress-filled-system suffering individuals that start to gravitate towards other vortices forming spiralling interpenetrating groups. Whirlpools reaching tremendous speeds that bring on pockets of turbulence in Moloch. Regularity becomes irregular. The debt-ridden, junk-full sink fills too fast and the filthy cesspool becomes a second source, with the junk oozing back out again, frothing up swirling around – contamination.

And while some of us are going clockwise others are spinning anticlockwise, and the directions we spin in seem out of control. It is a question of the environmental conditions that have created us. Once we start spinning in one direction it seems impossible for us to change, and we keep whirling in that direction until we run out of steam and all our dust sinks back to the ground again. At high speeds the continuum cannot be sustained. We have to dampen the energy. The whirlwind vortex system does nothing but create antagonism, contrary force – clockwise or anticlockwise; right or left. We need to find the continual sway again, but to do it we must relax, slow down, revaluate our reality, change its levels, find different meanings, become pendulum, and once we are, find enough simple motivation to keep us swaying for a long, long time. Just enough to make it perpetual, to make it last – why not? – for ever.

From this analogy we can see that our enemies are not the whirlwinds spinning in the contrary way to us but the high-energy, will-to-more Moloch system itself. Everything is just too hot and fast and needs to be dampened before we explode. Moloch has made the planet too hot. Hot air rises and produces thunderclouds. The system is already flooding, stretching and rising in waves that stretch up rather than out and back over themselves. The flood waters gush and spread across the limited space of the world. The limiting world, limiting Moloch. Moloch howls as it realises it can only stretch so far despite its precious will-to-more. Its stretching will to go further and further.. but where can it go? Frustrated the system must rise up and flow over itself, trying to fit all its new made rubbish into the limited space it has. The result: what we call crisis.


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