web_spermsWe have an intuition, and the latest quantum and cosmological trends agree with us, that the Universe itself, or the Multiverse reality that our Universe is a part of, has a purpose. We are referring not to theological concepts but to what the scientific world calls the Anthropic Principle or Cosmological Natural Selection and what we call the World Will (in which World  should be interpreted here to mean our greater home).

There is nothing empirical about the idea of World Will. It is not a phenomenon, it has no form. It is pure, in the Kantian sense, without sensation, a pure intuition. Everything can be imagined away from it, even time and space, and, like a God, it remains as an intuition in the void; a desire in the great emptiness; the desire to Be. There can be no complete certainty for such an idea, and yet it is a far simpler idea than God and its lack of speculative complexity makes it more probable than any God.

Science tells us that our Universe began in a singularity. In the beginning there was One. Parmenides’ One, in which there was no emptiness; there were no gaps; no room for movement for any displacement would oblige the whole singularity to move with it. And the One was absolutely dense, perhaps in a labyrinthine sense, infinitely dense. A density which compressed repulsion within its attractive forces, until the repulsion itself became so compressed that it was made strong enough to blow the whole thing apart, and the One exploded in what we call the Big Bang…

But why? Could it be that the Big Bang had a reason behind it? An intuition in the energy of repulsion that sensed that attraction’s intuitive sense to Be could only be realised if the Singularity had an Observer, and that from the One must come Another, and that only by becoming the many and variegated could the singularity of existence be transformed into something with a potential for Being. A potential that could only be truly fulfilled by being known.


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