Where is humanity now? Where have we arrived at? Our thinking has enabled us to know how to manufacture a technological world of our own making, but from this grand achievement it must be asked: if this is a world of our own making, who is it made for?

The truth is that the world made by humanity has not been made for humanity and still a large part of humanity are enslaved or condemned to a life of little hope and much suffering in our man-made world. Nevertheless we still identify with our world, or more correctly, with a certain part of this world, and most people justify their miserable condition through the identifying concept of “this is the way things are,” with the implication that it is also the way things have to be. Thus a metaphysical reduction is made without us even recognising it as metaphysical, that the essence of existence is the way things are, which gives us the Principle of Identity: A=A.

For this reason we believe that the only way to alter the answer to the question of who is the man-made world made for? in order to be able to respond “for humanity”, we must rethink our metaphysical outlook to reality. Firstly, by accepting that there is a metaphysical outlook which is itself inhibiting the possible realisation of a human world made for humanity itself. Secondly, by rooting our new metaphysics primarily in the homo sapiens attribute of knowing rather than the lesser but current principle of having. When to have is given priority over to know as a mere tool for obtaining or having things then the homo sapiens becomes perverted in its essence allowing the Sapiens element to be retarded and enslaved in the process of lack-want-have (or have not), a retardation which even threatens to reduce or maintain most of humanity in an unconscious, automaton reality: fodder for the labour-market and the consumer-game-world of macro-casino-economics.

Rediscovering humanity as the homo sapiens sapiens might be the best chance we have of overcoming the devolution we have suffered into homo economicus, and perhaps the only chance we have of making the world a world made for humanity again.


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