Where is humanity now? Once we unveil the pessimism inherent in power we find ourselves immersed in an ocean of false necessity. We are dog-paddling in a lie-full sea of false-reality generated by the power ideologies of the Moloch system who have given us floaties for our arms and waist, allowing us to keep our heads above water.  The realization is disheartening: what can we do to escape an ocean? Even if we swim properly, dry land is so far away, we would just exhaust ourselves and sink. Yes, we need a raft or a boat, but even if we were to find one, what we still lack is a compass showing which way to go in this mundane landscape of the seemingly eternal sea.

Of course we have learned navigation from the System. We know the rules: how to estimate our position from the sun and guide ourselves at night by following certain stars. But the star-system navigating methodology seems to always bring us back to the same place. We are swimming in circles, we realise.

The first key to getting out of this ocean is to recognise where we are. Remember, this is the ocean of false-necessity. To get out of here we need to inspire our efforts with an enthusiasm for real necessity again, an enthusiasm that will bring us back to reality again. An enthusiasm which will stop our hopeless imagining that we are treading water and feel the solid ground that is actually beneath our feet again.

Of course to find such an enthusiasm is by no means an easy task. Many who search become lost in pessimistic religions driven by the cynicism of power.  Others immerse themselves in ideologies: a vain task, because all ideology hides the truth from itself. If one is in-ideology the truth is imperceptible – but how does one get out of ideology?

Or perhaps it is not imperceptible: after all we have millennia of artists who have dedicated their lives to the unveiling truth and dragging it out from the drains into which it gets dumped.


The return to reality must be an artistic process:  the process of unveiling that which is obscured by the false reality. The first thing the artist does is take off his or her floaties in order to discover what it is like to really swim. The artist knows that the false-necessity ocean is full of floating jetsam that can easily be used to carry us forward. To where? The artist has an intuitive drive and an internal map: the artist’s love of the symbolic. Like aboriginal dreamtime paintings, the way forward can be found through poetry and song. Now it’s time for us listen to ourselves: not to our discourses but to our songs; look into ourselves and let the music out.




  1. That´s it:
    “The return to reality must be an artistic process: the process of unveiling that which is obscured by the false reality.”

    The return to “reality” is a truly perilous process – ask me…! – as the autonomous regressive collective powers within the psyche totally deflect any genuine pursuit.

    For me has been a terrible combat: Some weeks ago I was on the verge of being “swallowed”,
    by these daunting energies. There was no one to stand by me – my only “weapon” and salvation was the wild and powerful music I heard inside of me. I let myself burst out of the old, fully relying on this inner process…

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