Post-quantum Physics and Growth

How often do we fail to achieve things because of our lack of patience? This short article by Pat Grayson gives a simple description and guideline to get us away from a problem deeply rooted in our consumer civilisation.

Pat Grayson Online


It takes time to swing from non-success to success. From ignorance to knowledge. From non-awareness to awareness.

There has been much ado about quantum physics and that with the right attitude you will place yourself in its “slip-stream” and achieve immediate benefit. This will happen in literally the blink of an eye. Or in the same blink, you will have achieved success. I have known many people who have striven for that quantum physics miracle. None to my knowledge found it. It is possible, but for those who are less mortal than you and I.

From a point of view of the growth in our life and circumstances, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but quantum physics does not work that way. If it did, where would be the lessons? Where would be the growth? Where would be the mental preparation? You need to be mentally prepared for what you are…

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