The Oceans of Ideologies


Our opinions melt into ideologies. Philosophy is sucked up by religious dogma that also seeps into and mixes with ideologies. Our political leanings, our worldviews, our moral and religious convictions are part of the great oceans of the contemporary dialectic. Oceans that distinguish themselves from one another by their peculiar currents, though all of them are in fact running counter clockwise into each other. The oceans of Right and Left are themselves composed of seas of classes: Lower, Midder and Upper[i], and these seas are also cut by powerful currents separating the Intellectuals from the Non-Intellectuals.

The End of History is an oceanic triumph, and by seeing it this way we also see how much of a human fantasy it is: the global triumph can be named, and its victory can be established through its pronouncement.

But likewise an even newer name could just as easily be imposed, all that needs to be done is publicise in order to shape opinions that can see the unsatisfactory nature of the name we have  – for let us not forget that these oceans and seas are composed entirely of opinions.

And yet something has gone wrong with the shaping. Already the End of History and the world-encompassing system of Liberal-Democracy is inappropriate because it is disrespectful, even damaging to that which it encompasses. The great publicity machine is faltering. Opinion feels indignant now about the pomposity of those who proclaimed the New World Order and used the false legitimacy based on their assumed triumph to abuse the World they were supposed to command.

Post-world-order opinions leak into a new oceanic flooding through an awareness that we are not over the world but in it and that we must operate for it rather than it suck it dry in an attempt to make it a slave for us. The ideological oceans have now themselves become a question of cleanliness: the all-encompassing New World Order has made the seas murky and brown, but Opinion wants to see blue seas again.


[i] .Returning to the whole we find that even the Right and Left are now immersed in an even greater world-encompassing body called Liberal-Democracy or State Capitalism.


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