If there is to be a Great (and positive) Transition in the globalised world, the dominant global culture – which is the western-inspired, economic culture – will need to be radically transformed or completely abandoned.

Of course we are talking about wiping away a system, an operation that not only would require a complete change of blood but a re-plumbing of the entire artery system… Or perhaps not…

Before the drug therapy clinic suggests radical cures like blood-changing, it will first try psychiatric therapy. The primary option should be to change the patient’s attitudes, alter their desires, or perhaps even create a new “will” for the patient. But let us go even one step further and say that: if we don’t create this new will then, even after a complete blood and artery overhaul the patient will fall back into his or her vice, which, in our universal case, is the vice of “wanting more”.

While the cultural-economic model is driven by this will to wanting more, all political or economic changes will be doomed to failure. Capitalism’s greatest success has been its nurturing of greed, even displaying an ability to transform greed into a “norm”, convincing an entire world that it is a part of “human nature” to want more. That is the basic notion that we must now attack, and the only way to do so is to revaluate the system by dissecting its own libido-ego relationship and offer a different, profound, scientific and metaphysical vision of what humanity could really be – driven not by a desire to have more but by a will to operate according to necessity, with an optimistic rather than nihilistic vision of humanity within the world.

It could be argued that we already have such ideas, propagated by religious institutions and spiritual leaders – yet religion has not only always been used by capitalism, as Marx said, as an opiate for the people, but also as a way of anchoring its own nihilistic ideology of “freedom” with a morality that the free-market in itself does not possess. The Church saves the multi-nationals from the complete chaos that they themselves would otherwise engender. But the churches and mosques, even the communist party now are all part of the system. The world needs more than just a permanent cure. It needs a new, let us repeat, scientific-metaphysical conceptualising of our place in the universe – one that can seduce not only the nihilists and sceptics, but also the devoted to their useless religious dogmas – a profound human will for absolute necessity.

5 thoughts on “GLOBAL THERAPY

  1. the problem is very simple >>>
    it is the biological insanity created from the fact
    that every entity has to have an existence and those a support of his entity !

    and where would you find any support on planet earth > for any thing other
    then being an artist > an actor > an author ?

    or an idiot > some kgb agent > some slave > some car company ceo ?

    do you ever had any woman even talk about our dream
    of a paradise on planet ?

    how could we ever even start ?

    it seeming to us here >
    that planet earth is lost for ever ….

    as a matter of fact > the only thing we can think of
    is to preventing > this insanity from spreading to the rest of this universe !

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  3. I agree, but, using the Spanish phrase “quien pone el cascabel al gato?”, or, in other words, how to find scenarios that allow the human beings to obtain happiness from other things as literature, music or a single life? Why human beings like consuming? Genetics? Good blog, Paul!

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