Cruelty and Human Pre-Civilisation

christians and lions

Does there exist an eternal cycle of cruelty? One that is inescapable? The cruel act that is indifference to suffering; the psychopath devoid of empathy; the brutal wars and the poverty and injustice that flow throughout human history… where are the sources of so much human suffering?

Can we see our human history as a sado-masochistic cycle: the masochist begging to be disciplined will use delinquency to provoke the punishment; the sadist longs to see suffering… But if human societies and the System are caught up in the maelstroms created by such whirlpools – can these be truly human impulses that are pushing us? Aren’t we actually looking at an anti-human history?

Cruelty is not a uniquely human experience of course, other species of animals can be seen being cruel to one another – although they lack the intellect for being cruel in the way that humans can be cruel. Nevertheless, let us not forget that our civilising process has a desire (or should have) to combat the sado-masochistic impulses. Only through rationality can the sado-masochistic desires be tamed and reduced to the absurd. Catharsis must be obtained in another way other than through revenge. Civilisation only exists where torture and the death penalty are abhorred as barbaric practices. Within the bubble of civilisation, catharsis can be obtained through the channels of art and erotica. The Sapiens reduces all barbarisms to games, but needs to establish a clear separation between reality and the world of the game. Civilisation must be a process of moving away from all cruelty, and a rendering of cruelty to the game in an abstract sense.

Rome tried to do this, yet their gladiator sports seem barbaric to us because they were not abstract enough. Romans had slaves and lacked a well-defined concept of humanity. There were no human rights only the rights of Roman citizens. In this sense Rome was a pre-civilisation, just as our national states and their sovereignties are pre-civilisations. Rome’s greatest cruelty was banishment from Rome or a refusal to accept someone as a Roman citizen. Pre-civilisations love the cruelty of exclusion, and lust after an anti-barbarian identity which needs the cruelty of exclusion to maintain itself.


3 thoughts on “Cruelty and Human Pre-Civilisation

  1. I strongly believe that we are on a path that is moving us away from barbarism. Human suffering is diminishing and is on a downward trend. It’s hard to see this when we watch the headlines on TV.

    • Certainly technological advances are being made, but the real barbarism today must be perceived in the dangerous laxity that allows uncontrolled plundering of natural resources to satisfy greed. We have the knowhow to create a much safer and comfortable world but a better world is not good for profits, and the lack of political will to move in a direction toward true human fulfillment is itself a barbaric attitude. I don’t know either that human suffering is diminishing, we are moving through a period where there is widespread civil unrest throughout the world. People are more aware of the corruption and the general lack of political willingness to work for the people. This awareness is creating a lot of anxiety, even in Westernised countries with developed economies, and in the Third World the situation is growing unbearable: Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Ukrania and now Thailand and Brasil.

  2. yes … today we are seeing this cruelty against the climate >
    creating a second venus to planet earth >

    against the oceans > all this plastic and heavy metals in it !
    against our water supply > having all this pharma drug residue …

    but most of all > this falsification of reality
    and this bragging about their fake success !

    how can any one be talking about winning ?
    when just around the corner we all are boiled well done ???

    it is this idiots selection > being done by every company
    in any society >>> being the most barbaric part of today !

    since … with those highly selected idiots produced today
    we can never hope to having a sapient population ….
    necessary to having a future it all !

    it is simply impossible … since we have the proof right here >>>
    those having not even the capability to discussing their failure !
    they do not even know > to be going in the wrong direction
    there being no water up front >

    it is just a mirage … looking like water !

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