For a scientific understanding of life on Earth (or all life as we know it) we need only study its double helix, DNA. The DNA is an archive, a library and an operating system. Life, as such, is dependent on information that is stored, read and followed. The individual is subject to the complexity and limitations of this information. What’s more, it is this double helix which also determines our individuality as much as our similarities. We are biological computers based on a binary system of base pairs: a combination of adenine and cytosine; cytosine and guanine; guanine and thymine; thymine and cytosine, etcetera … This is our four element, binary combination language – the language of life.

But the question why does life exist is a profound one, as is the question of why does anything exist. Fundamental questions that the scientific understanding of life can only satisfy up to a point. In order to find deep answers to the deepest questions we need to go beyond fact to reasons and purpose; we have to bring science back into the fold of philosophical speculation from which science originated from sometime around the 5th century BCE.

This is not to say by any means that we should abolish or even diminish the science, but, on the contrary allow speculation to fuel a science-based philosophy concerned with meaning that will pull science back into the realm of metaphysics. A future science with pre-Socratic intentions if you like.


Nothing can come from nothing, says reason, but science demonstrates that a particle can emerge from the void and vanish again. From nothing you came and to nothing you will return. The will to have what we lack. Nothing lacks everything, but let’s start with something. From the void there came a particle. That was enough. A thing, generated by lack of everything and motivated by a possibility of anything, aggregated into a singular complexity of that everything that needed to explode and allow such potential to become forms, perhaps even become everything in an infinite, multi-dimensional way. An everything that needs time and space in order to understand it. But within that time and space it also needs something capable of perceiving it. It needs an objective observer, something fashioned with sensors. Of course if everything exists there will not only be an abundance of these organisms, and an abundance of intelligent forms of these creatures, but also, an absolute lack of them … but that doesn’t make sense, does it? Or perhaps it does …

In order for everything and nothing to exist, time and space must exist, for it is time and space which provides the separation allowing for diversity to be possible. Everything is One thing, a mass that needs to be broken apart in order to be able to perceive the real potential of everything, but included in the One is also an Absolute Zero as well as a never truly achieved Infinity. This breaking apart of the Infinite singularity is managed through the manifestation of time and space.

But what has this got to do with the meaning of life?…

Life: a double-helix DNA executive commanding its single-strand RNA clerk. Our primary communication, which is at the same time the executive communication. Constant, but silent and secretive. The secret Genetic Code. A linear codex as of the steps of a ladder. Letters in a sentence, a punctuated sentence. Life is a language, dictated by DNA. We are built on carbon foundations building other complex language systems on silicon foundations.

The goal of evolution is to produce the perfect brain that will be able to achieve the most complex understanding of the world and the universe it is a tiny part of. The universe is a universe of information transmitted through language but mainly devoid of objects capable of understanding that language and acting accordingly. But by analysing the physical form of the universe it becomes clear that it has an aim. Time and space and DNA exist because the principal aim of the universe is to understand itself; to be able to exist in a conscious and self-conscious, self-fulfilled way. This can only take place through the agent of intelligent life.




  1. According to Richard Dawkins evoluion has no goal and no purpose. It simply explains how we got from simple to complex life. That is why he chose to name the operating system The Blind Watchmaker this imaginary mover works with out purpose and totally blind.
    Now if I hear rapture over the wonderous works of nature on earth and in the cosmos– no I cry it is all the work of a groping blind force without purpose.

    • Thanks for commenting Magnocrat. The main problem with the no purpose argument is that it does absolutely nothing to help us with the most pressing problems facing humanity today, which is our extinction. If there is no purpose then the extinction is not a problem, but … I don’t want to believe that. So, if extinction is a problem, why is it a problem? It is easier for us to act in a positive way for humanity if we see some purpose in “humanity” and the more deeply meaningful is that purpose the more effective will be our actions in fulfilling our goals. At the moment human progress is fueled by two motors: the nihilistic ambition to make money or be a social success, and the religious one of living life to the best without soiling one’s eternal soul too much. Neither of these motors has human progress or real human fulfillment as its goal, and neither of them are particularly bothered about whether humanity becomes extinct or not.

      • Now that evolution has been established purposelessness has been proved as well. The delicate intricate pattern of life lead us to assume purpose but it is not there.
        Sam Harris believes he has proved the self is an illusion along with free will.
        You are correct selfish ambition rules the world inspite of the fact we have consciences.
        Religion which should have tamed us has failed and we are taken up with survival of the fittest.
        Robert Hare believes there is evidence to suggest 1% of humanity are psychopaths.

      • there is only one question … paul >
        you have been saying this for years now !
        and there is no question > you are totally right on this !

        but now the big problem is coming up >
        are you the only native of planet earth >
        being sapient ???

        and then the next problem being >
        we have been on the internet > since 1999 !

        and we have never found any one other being sapient ….

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