Time Travel Simulation in Lab Using Particles Solves Grandfather Paradox of Warped Identities

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Michael J Fox in Back to the Future Experiments with quantum particles that travel a time loop to turn on a switch on a machine that then creates the particle seem to indicate travelling in time may not be impossible

Quantum particles have boldly gone where bigger objects have hesitated to tread. A recent experiment using photons has proven that time travel without drastic changes to the traveller’s identity is possible.

The present simulation was to test an earlier model dealing with the “grandfather paradox,” a hypothetical scenario in which someone uses a closed time-like curve (CTC) to travel back through time to murder her own grandfather, thus preventing her own later birth.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity describes gravity as the warping of spacetime by energy and matter. In theory it allows for this spacetime fabric to bend back on itself under an extremely powerful gravitational field, making time travel possible.

Experts have frowned on any practical…

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