The Future of Writing: Is being an author a viable career?

11,000??? If only…

Acres of Ink


That’s less that the UK minimum wage per annum and yet, according to a BBC news article in July, this is the average amount of money an author earns per year, regardless of which publishing route (traditional or self) they took to get there.

The most shocking thing about this discovery is, perhaps, how unsurprising it is. It is not unusual for writers to supplement their earnings with a second job – this has been the case for decades. I know many writers from both sides of the publishing tracks who lead superhero lifestyles, e.g. Computer Analyst by day, Fantasy Writer by night. Yet, by authors earning so little, it brings to mind the idea of writing itself being undervalued. If authors are unable to earn minimum wage from what they consider a career, can it be classed as a ‘real job’?

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