Our social field is absorbed by civilisation, and most of that absorption is an unconscious one. The first realisation of the manipulation is usually a perception of how they are manipulated rather than how I am manipulated, and to what extent I am manipulated.

The problem with subjectivity is a question of degrees of programming. Hypocrisies are often expressions of the struggle between what one believes and what one is programmed to believe; between what we think we are and the way we have been indoctrinated to be.

Underneath all this, there may be a sense of displacement, a yearning for something lost, a feeling that something is missing – our humanity.

Humanity is so deeply lost to us now that we don’t even know that we’ve lost it.



      • Herd mentality, that’s what it is. Everyone feels they should belong to a group, support the same ideals, fight a common enemy. Safety in numbers. Conformity. And if you’re a square peg in a round hole, you get ostracised, shunned, ridiculed, persecuted, rejected, bullied etc. Having said that, it’s always the Mavericks amongst us who are the pioneers and leaders.

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