positive and negative thinking crossword puzzle

positive and negative thinking crossword puzzle

Desire has its positive and negative qualities. It can be productive and creative on one hand and obsessive and delusional on the other. Negative desire comes from wanting what is lacking when what is lacking is not necessarily what we authentically need. In this face of desire we can see an eternal yearning for more and more; a desperate attempt to fill an emptiness, even though the emptiness is not really there. Most desire-for-lack in our civilisation has become a desire for imaginary lacks that are created by the publicists.

On the other hand there is the desire for creation – for producing interesting and better things; for solving problems; for progress.

Productive-desire, therefore, is a positive one only when it is removed from the manufactured desires that spring out of a myth of lack. Even the desire-for-lack would be positive if it was removed from this myth.

The way to tackle the problem of desire is to tackle the myth itself. To attack the manufacturer of false-lack, which, unfortunately, is the very basis of the capitalist system.



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