The Great Pyramid of Giza was erected more than four thousand years ago in the Early Kingdom of Egypt. How it was actually built is still mainly speculation. Nevertheless, there is one thing we do know for certain – they were built by a civilisation that did not use money.

Egypt in the Early Kingdom had an economy of barter and gift-giving. Of course this gave the Pharaohs the advantage of not having to find money to finance the construction of their dreams. Yes, they would have to find enough workers to dedicate their sweat and time to the construction tasks; they would have to feed and provide some sort of housing for these workers. According to the official records, what was handed out to these workers was bread and beer.

How could the greatest architectural feat in the world be paid for with bread and beer? Could it be that the primitive economy actually favoured the task? Or, let’s go one step further: could it be that a monetary system would have made the great pyramid’s construction impossible?

We are so concerned about the collapse of our markets; so worried about the fragility of our economies. There is more money in the world than ever, and less to go around. The economy demands sacrifices: wage cuts, tax increases. Money is so important, and can be so deadly … and yet …

The best pyramids were built long before money had been invented.

Great things happened without money before … why can’t they happen without money again?


  1. The sheeple-herders are they who show the sheeple their true nature – that they are not sheep at all, but homo sapiens, animals that can think as well as feel, have technology capable of truly freeing themselves, and that they are all united under the same purposeful identity as everyone else who can think and be creative. This is the first step to seeing beyond the wheel of oedipal slavery and its constant, circular gravitational force, to reach the other world of progression, where the “people” can realise themselves as humanity, and create purposeful lives freely.

  2. Well said, Paul. I’m in agreement with you. The world has been suckered into the greatest Scam of all time – Money. But not everyone wants to play anymore; however those that do are at the top of the pyramid (ironic, isn’t it?) cracking the whips, and there are enough minions around still who can almost taste the money. Never mind that they’ll never get there; the illusion is strong and compelling to sheeple. The whole idea that the world won’t collapse in a heap if Money was abolished, is as strange as the idea of life on Mars…speaking of which, Life will be probably be discovered on Mars first before Earth decides to finally get rid of Money!

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