Knowledge is a metaphysical element, for knowing and being-known are immanent in the Universe’s being-here – or in other words, knowledge is immanent in Being. Because of its relation to knowledge, Being is not that which is, but is constantly becoming as knowledge advances. Knowledge provides clues for meaning, but it also springs from a primordial need to find meaning. Meaning, as such, is the Alpha and Omega of knowledge. It encircles knowledge. This also means that Being and Meaning are entwined, Meaning being the prime mover. Through knowledge, Being and Meaning are also wrapped up in Sapiens organisms and Sapiens can only be fulfilled through this fulfilment of Meaning by uncovering knowledge. Likewise, humanity as a Sapiens entity, can only be fulfilled by the uncovering of knowledge as well.

Epistemology should be an elementary subject of study in a Sapiens’ education system, which sounds absurd. Yet, does that absurdity not merely indicate how deeply disconnected we are from our Sapiens nature?

The three pillars of traditional epistemology: 1) know that; 2) know how, and 3) become acquainted with something – by gaining knowledge of it. But before we can really know, perhaps the wisest course is to discover “why?”. To do that we must firstly search for the meaning of Meaning.


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