Human history has been a steady process of de-Sapienisation through social and tribal stratification. Once knowledge became associated with excess, and subsequently wealth and power, and it was realised that the ownership and protection of technological know-how was a necessary means of maintaining that excess, then humanity lost touch with all possibilities of identifying itself as a species and became a prisoner to the man-eat-man scenario of the stratified species, divided by casts or race, culture or nationality, and measured according to possessions or accumulations, or simply, after its invention, by the quantity of money one possessed or was empowered to obtain.

Through categorising and measuring, humanity has lost touch with its essence and, in even greater terms, with its destiny. Knowledge has become a peripheral aim. Knowledge has lost its primary position in Human-Sapiens identity to become just another tool that can be used to gain advantages in the competitive struggle for excess and the will to be measured highly in the in the economic society of modern civilisation.

For the homo-economicus the idea of freedom means being able to maintain a control of one’s life and keep oneself afloat as comfortably as possible upon the competitive waters of the excess-fuelled, money-edified civilisation. In order to do this, the majority are willing to sacrifice other more Human-Sapiens freedoms such as the freedom to obtain knowledge or the freedom to be granted the power to use any acquired knowledge creatively and productively in the arts and sciences. Instead, intellectual freedom is a victim to a desire by Excess to capitalise the ownership of innovation and ensure, through copyrighting, that profits made from artistic and technological innovations are channelled upward into the sphere of wealth and power.

In this way, it can be seen how the oppression of knowledge is predominantly a political problem. A problem that will never be overcome until the idea that wealth is a sovereign power that must produce privilege, even within democracies, is tackled head-on by democratic societies in order to be transcended.


  1. paul … you seem to be the only native homo sapiens on this planet !
    can you tell us about > what environment has made you possible ?
    like … where abouts do you live ? are there other homo sapiens around you ?
    how do you even survive on this planet ?

    • Hello, Siera. When I talk about Sapiens, I’m referring to what I believe is the authentic quality that makes us human. In that way we are all sapiens potentially, but we have endured millennia of an anti-human (anti-sapiens) historical process that has culminated in the creation of a false-human, the homo economicus. Only by imaging a world beyond the paradigm can we start to envisage a positive escape from our entrapment by capitalist culture and the plutocratic interests of civilisation. There are lots of other people dedicated to the achievement of a bubble-transcending view of the world, so yes, there are other homo sapiens around. If you want to find these kind of thinkers you could try investigating the ideas of the Zeitgeist Movement (Peter Joseph), or even the Transhumanists, although I personally have many discrepencies with the latter as I believe the capitalist bubble needs to be burst before any positive human revolution can take place – to transform human beings within the capitalist bubble would only create more monsters. However, transhumanism is an essentially “Sapiens” debate.
      In terms of what environment has made thoughts about transcending the bubble possible, well … it’s the state of the bubble itself that has made it so.
      Survival is not hard here, because my view is profoundly optimistic, despite the fact that it seems utopian. When something needs to be done eventually it will be done, it is the only logical step foraward. The capitalist bubble needs to be burst, so eventually it will be.

      • paul … I agree with you >
        that capitalism can only create monsters
        but ever more > even money will do away with humans
        even trading > like an apple for a pear
        will no allow for them …

        from our experience >
        only one mode will keep on working for ever >
        and this is just producing what ever you feel good about
        what your world should have
        and then just give it >
        away to one …

        needing it > appreciating it
        keeping good care of it >
        for a million years

        and we think > the problem of this population
        is self perpetuating > and it will not go away !
        all the others of the cgc are just waiting
        for me to agree on this

        and I under stand you now > just this rats paradise
        has made you see > that it is a rats paradise !
        no seeing human can do any thing else !

        but now … will you tell us
        why you think this bubble will burst ?

        and what you are calling an utopia
        we call a neccessity > simply pragmatic
        pure survival even ….

        because this world is not going to be habitable
        at the end of this century > and in a few decades
        there will be no point of return > if it all even now

        unless all the satanic monsters produced
        are done away with … and how could this world be saved ?

        do you think any of these drug … power … entertainment
        consum … speed … profit addicts can be convinced
        to living a responsible life ?!
        in a rats paradise ?

        that produced them !

        to start caring about their world at large ….
        being able to even having a dialog about this ?

        and it will not stop with this world
        because they will go on to wasting this galaxy
        and then all the universe ….

        as far as we can see
        only the galactic foundation
        can save the trillion homo sapiens

        only a international political movement
        to guarding human rights as we see it
        could develop the homo sapiens
        on a large enough scale

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