The Dangers of Framing and Anthropocentrism

Idealism tells us that our reality is a result of anthropocentric framing. There are inherent dangers in both of these reality forming processes.

Framing creates a false sense of completion and threatens to create the lethargy of there’s nothing left to learn. This problem requires creativity in order to turn the framing process into an eternal search beyond the frame itself, even before the frame has been established. It is useful here to inculcate the idea of the Infinite Universe, and that the real/impossible task of framing is to frame the infinite.

As for anthropocentricism, there is a danger of perceiving ourselves as lords of the Earth, as if the Earth were created for us, rather than the exact opposite. We were created for the universe. As such, the idea of seeing humans as Sapiens is not an anthropocentric one. Quite the opposite, humanity as Sapiens becomes a necessary ingredient for allowing Being to come about in the universe. But this does not mean that the universe exists for us, rather we exist to take care of it.


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