The Tragedy of Authentic Christianity

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The saddest thing about the story of Christ, is not the horrific suffering of the Crucifixion, but the utter destruction of Christ’s teachings by Roman civilisation.

There is a fundamental question which needs to be asked by any Christian: If Christ taught the Truth, why did those teachings need to be ‘civilised’?

The saddest thing is that, if Christianity had triumphed over Roman Civilisation in an authentically Christian way, instead of being absorbed by it, there would have emerged a far more human historical process than the anti-human historical process we are suffering the consequences of now. A triumphant Authentic Christianity would have been a triumph of pacifism, seeing the end of wars – and such an achievement would also have meant a triumph of human will. Christ would have truly been the Ecce Homo, the First Man after the authentic revolution towards a truly human global society based on true respect of other human beings.

Society would have been community orientated, without the divisions of segregating identities; without our family-centrism; without tribes or nationalities. It would be a society that would abolish money and would have developed a more holistic and purposeful system for developing incentives for creativity.

Christ was not a dogmatist, otherwise he would have written his dogma down. When Roman Civilisation made Christianity its own creed, it knew this and with a total cynicism for the Truth it was expropriating for itself, it created its own Roman Christianity that became the civilising model for all other civilising Christianities. In the process perverting the great revolutionary spirit of the Word and turning it into something profoundly conservative.


4 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Authentic Christianity

  1. Many Christians agree with you. I, personally, see the influence of the Romans and Constantine as one of the most damaging things to ever happen to Christianity. It may or may not surprise you that there’s very little you said, as a Christian, that I disagree with.

    When you strip away all of the layers of human influence, you are left with one or two very core things and the rest are human additions – and that includes many things that Christians today believe are core.

    I think, though, if you want to see Jesus as he is now, simply look at the fact that Christianity has yet survived, in spite of the best efforts of humanity to destroy it.

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  3. christianity has not survived ….
    there is no authentic religion left
    just a better conceit then before

    I have tried to have our many solutions
    send out to this world via radio vaticano …..

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