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Our global, capitalist civilisation is starting to feel like a training ground in fear and freedom that could be conceived as a deliberately engineered, vicious circle of social manic-depression.

Tests carried out in the 1990s showed that there was a link between depression and compulsive buying. Fear makes us neurotic and depressed, which is good for the consumer-based economy. In this way, bad news is profitable in the long run, especially if the bad news is propagated to as many potential consumers as possible.

Living in a city policed by heavily armed guards, is depressing; but at least it protects the way out of that depression, guarding the way to the ever-open doors of our next shopping spree.

And so, Civilisation tells us: “Fear the worst, but rejoice in your freedom to shop!”


7 thoughts on “FEAR AND FREEDOM

  1. Society needs far, far more law enforcement to function properly. When I was a boy, I lived on an island, part of American territory, that was populated primarily by incestuous drunks and druggies. It was not a conducive environment.

    Coulda used a cop or two there, but who wants to pay for that, when you can buy.. I honestly don’t know what useless crap people buy these days. Oh, Jordans. And.. Twilight novels.

    People’s fear of authority, ironically, places a higher restriction on their freedoms: less law enforcement, more crime.

    • Yes, Capitalist society needs law enforcement to feed the circle of fear and freedom it creates. Law enforcement is a necessary part of the system.

      • If you mean to say that Capitalism creates crimes, that’s incorrect. Crime is caused by immaturity, which is the natural result of us being born weak and helpless.

        Expecting us all to miraculously grow into mature adults is.. unrealistic. Therefore, a system of education is required. Therefore, a system of enforcing punishment for prevention of immaturity is required. Etc, etc. Capitalism is a bad system, not the root of all evil.

      • Misanthropic cynicism is the root of the cruel stagnation of the development of the authentically human. Is that the root of all evil in a human sense?

      • Are you trying to say that acknowledging the problems inherent in us is cynicism, rather than a necessary part of the maturation process? You must have lived a very privileged life, if that’s what you’re saying.

        Is it cynicism to prefer hiding under a wheel-barrel, in a snowstorm, rather than go home to your drug-addled mother’s abuse? Maybe, if I’d gone home right then, rather and a regular beating, seeing me would have prevented the follow 25 years of my mother’s sociopathy. Is that optimism?

  2. yes there is a paradice possible … and I mean not growing up !
    this is the problem >

    accepting this circle of ever more crimes against humanity
    and adjusting to it !

    this is the worst possible response …..
    we are needing a humane world order now
    so we are having billions of homo sapiens !
    to watch out over every child > every human ….

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