Our Lack of Humanity

What Civilisation lacks above all else is precisely the one thing we all share; our humanity.

Without the binding force that humanity possesses, societies feel fragmented; there is a sense that things are not properly put together; that everything is a mess. There is a feeling that the System enveloping society has no feeling for the society itself. Many parts of civilisation seem to be unnecessary or purposeless. The relationship that the individual parts have to the whole is not palpable and things just seem to be there, ad hoc, for no significant reason at all.

The result of this lack is that society becomes a neurotic collective of neuroses, and it becomes incapable of seeing the inherent contradictions in many of the values it upholds. In fact, it is a society that cherishes opposing sets of conscious values, but fails to appreciate the absurdity of the contradiction. It will worship freedom, but champion the needs for ever stricter controls. It will strive for peace, but does so by warring against its enemies at the slightest excuse. It will harken to the need for more human rights and social justice whilst enforcing economies that ensure the flow of money in a continual stream upward to the most privileged classes.

Civilisation desperately needs a psychiatric cure from the terrible neuroses that afflict it. Someone needs to lie our System down on the couch and explain to it once and for all what it is lacking and what it needs to concentrate on and recuperate. The cure is not so hard once the patient accepts the facts and looks for the lack within itself; for the cure is there, and always has been. In fact, it is the material that constitutes the very basis of civilisation itself. We call it “humanity”.


3 thoughts on “Our Lack of Humanity

  1. Solutions have been around forever; that’s not the problem. Problem is that we’re animals, and rationality -and- sanity are very difficult to achieve – so most people are too insane or stupid to accept even what is correct.

    • Yes, we are a species of animal called Homo sapiens sapiens. Language and rationality are our inventions: so is science, art, medicine, technology and society. Homo sapiens invented civilisation, oppression, crime and revolution. There are a lot of things we can do. We don’t have to be stupid and irrational if we don’t want to, we can act ethically and intelligently if we really want to; we may even be able to overcome nihilism, pessimism and misanthropic cynicism, and after that the sky is the limit … but only, of course, if we are first willing to try.

  2. yes … we only have to be willing > to save our environment > our human honor
    and so saving our future > our humanity

    and to this end > we would have to organize ourselfs
    as a defense against all these organized criminal states !

    no one has a chance being all alone on this world
    against all these billiones

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