Albert Camus made a differentiation between two kinds of crimes: crimes against capital and crimes against logic.[i] In actual fact, the second crime supports the first. In order to get away with a major money heist the blue-blooded criminal knows he or she must first create a narrative that will turn their crime into something normal; and to do that they need to simply distort logic. It is behind smoke-screens of bent rationality that the most audacious crimes are committed over and over again. They call these smoke-screens, “The Economy”.

In order to ensure that the money always rises to the top of the pile, the ones behind the levitation act feed societies with an Economy Narrative that is completely based and reliant on a logic of deception. It is a logic that justifies their greed, and it does so with total approbation from the greater part of society, even though it is degrading, debilitating and harmful for the vast majority of human beings. To achieve this lying distortion, create their own reality, and convince the masses to support that reality, the first thing that is done is extract “humanity” from the argument. Instead of using exchange to benefit the whole of humanity, therefore, the Economy Narrative talks about what is good for “The Market”.

The criminal distortion of logic in the Economy Narrative cannot function within an authentically human society. Its logical crimes are immediately stripped bare when shown against the backdrop of humanity. When seen from the human point of view, the crimes are immediately revealed for what they are – crimes against humanity. If we change “Market” for “Humanity” the whole Economy Narrative falls apart. And so, the criminal of capital knows, the human point of view has to be eradicated. Once this is done, the crime against logic creates a kind of story that will encourage the victims of capital’s thieving to think like criminals themselves by indoctrinating them with criminal dreams and fantasies. Once society itself has bought this dream, the smoke-screen is up and the real pillaging of all capital can take place in earnest.

With humanity out of the picture, society becomes a herd of individualities, each one mesmerised by his or her unique condition of being an individual within the Market, but driven by the barking sheepdog who pushes them together, inculcating fear with his barks of anything outside of the circle that might threaten the Market enclosing the herd and which is so absolutely necessary for its well-being.

Whilst the individuals are busy watching their neighbours and praying for the health of the Market, the big picture, and the awesome crimes that take place there, can be well hidden. And once the bigger picture is veiled it is easy to carry out the great systemic robbery: a tremendous magic trick that provokes an uncanny levitation of all wealth.

“We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime,” said Camus.[ii] Economic measures, the so-called economic reforms, are anti-cholesterol remedies to ensure the upward movement of wealth. The term reform is criminally distorted so that it justifies the criminals selfish aims whilst seeming to mean something that is necessary for all of society. And yes, Camus is also right by naming our age, the era of premeditation. It is all carefully planned. What seems like economic chaos is simply a manifestation of pure criminal logic.

[i] Albert Camus, The Rebel, introduction, p. i

[ii] Ibid



  1. Bravo. And I rarely commend anything. Course, to maintain an economy based on humane behavior, we need a social system that prevents these criminals from having influence, and preferably even growing into the fools they are.

    That requires social mechanics that many would label “inhumane”. For example, I suggest that indentured servitude be mandated for all until they can prove their sanity, morality, and responsibility. During that service, major components of their lives would be out of their control, as they are forcibly educated and made to fulfill whatever labors contribute to the state.

    Even if it could work, and did work, how much would it take before people willingly adopted the practice? Many of those whom promote equality wouldn’t even consider the benefits.

  2. basically I agree with social control >
    watching out for only a responsible life >
    there is just one thing terribly wrong with your idea
    and this is … there is no state on this world having any authority
    since all these states are the problem > not the solution ….
    they are all an organized crime

    • For social control to be viable for human beings it has to be created according to and measured by authentic human needs and rights. Yes, our civilisation and all the nation-states that comprise that civilisation are anti-human constructs incapable of solving the problem because they are designed to propagate it. The first political tasks for an authentic humanity are to abolish money and abolish nation states.

      • yes …. I am right now working out a way >>> to pragmatically changing this world >
        and this is through litigation at the constitution court here in karlruhe frg
        this is why I am here at all >>> because all we are talking about
        is terribly against the human rights listed
        in this very constitution

        but since this is a rats paradise > where the rats having to compete with in
        these basis laws > are not reality > because the citizen would no longer
        be a acceptable citizen > as soon as they where not competing
        with such >>> that should no exist it all to begin with !

        and so I could not care less about being acceptable >
        but the problem is > a single resident here can be ignored
        so I am looking for 10 … 100 … 1000 >

        looking to practically changing this world > through a political party
        because we then are having rights to challenging the powers
        to not being ignored > I am thinking off just coming with
        those tousands here before the court building

        and holding up the sign > ” we want this constitution to be realized ”

        I can not imagine > that with this action > we could not be achieving our goal
        and then going from here > to having such basis laws installed every where
        and having every where on this planet > such a polical party

        I think this is the only practical way > to make it happen ….
        and this we need to make happen

        because I am seeing no other viable idea any where
        as a matter of fact > most alternative groups

        are just trying to make things worse > populismen !
        so only by forcing existing law into reality >
        we are having a chance ….

      • “There is no longer any possibility of going back to modern models of represen­tation to create a democratic order. We need to invent different forms of representation or perhaps new forms of democracy that go beyond repre­sentation.” I am quoting Michael Hardt, from his book ‘Multitudes’. In this work Hardt discusses the need for creating a real universal democracy and how it could be created.

  3. yes … shure …. and we have it > but not knowing what Michael Hardt
    has been writing > can you tell us more ?

    a majority vote is the most stupid idea on this planet > meaning the problem ! because the majority is always wrong > always was !

    what we need is …. a scientific way of making decisions >
    basically >>> what a team of scientists do >>> in coming up with a solution

    meaning we start with an solution for a problem > then every one is bringing in arguments to make it better > and this goes on via internet groups >
    until no one can bring > better arguments forward

    and no one !
    can have a scientific argument against it !
    this is the most important point ….

    do you see what I am saying ?
    there is no stupidity in power then >
    every thing has to be proven to work !
    before a decision is made final …


    every one has a voice > and the more sapiens some one is
    the more say he has …. not the other way around it
    as of now !


    • Yes, your idea is theoretically fine … a network of international sapiens could easily be created with the technology we have. However, the road to that solution is the hardest thing to envisage. Hardt and Negri’s book tries, but I’m still in the process of reading it, so I can’t provide any proper criticism yet. Obviously to create a new Sapiens’ edifice, the current Wealth-driven construct will have to be pulled down, reality as we know it needs to be revaluated, and the tide has to turn universally. This kind of revolution is hard to envisage, but that does not make it impossible … more and more of us are trying, and the impossibilty of capitalism’s future and our civilisation’s representative democracy is becoming more and more evident. Necessity points an urgent finger at systemic revolution, and that has to make us inspired and optimistic for universal change.

      • what is the most important issue of your blog ?
        is it not the inhuman condition an this planet ?

        so what should we do most of all ?
        point the way to having a humane world !

        and what can do this ?
        is it having an humane order ?
        every one on this planet can point to !

        we should be having inviolatable human rights
        every one can be going to court for >
        in every land on this world
        so what do we need to do ?

        we will have to make shure >
        every one is not having to be a pest
        just to having a physical existence

        and then … if we are having this done
        we can make all other details you have been writing about

        only if every one can point to his rights
        to be saying what ever is wrong and not being punished for
        can we make the change happen

        and what is the avenue to going to having this done
        is it not to be looking for a constitution
        to an european convention on human rights
        to the charta of the united nation

        to making human rights for every one a reality

        and what is the central issue on this planet of conceit ?
        the very perpetuation of this conceit at the cost
        of every ones humanity and the future

        as every drug addict is just dreaming of getting his stuff
        at the cost of his humanity and his future

        so are all those world saver groups just striving toward their fata morgana
        there while nothing real is there > because all just conceit

        now just imagine a marine corps member > what have they done to him >
        they took away he civilian programming and programed him to being a marine

        and this is what is happening all over this world >
        every one is getting their programming
        to being a perfect member of their insanity

        so what does this mean to our discussion here ?
        that it be impossible for any one to even discussing
        let alone to realize our goal ….

        or can you show me one homo sapiens ?

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