What is more delusional: the paranoiac or the delusion forming civilisation that he/she is paranoid about?

To understand how enslaved we are by the system it is necessary to understand how vulnerable the human psyche is and how effectively Civilisation is able to manipulate this vulnerability in order to inhibit the natural, human instincts of progress.

Civilisation is, in effect, a monopolising of progress for itself. Only Civilisation has the resources to make progress happen. It not only decides to what extent it will happen, it also determines the speed at which the progress will unfold. Through the structure of Civilisation, a carefully controlled unravelling is carried out in a way that maximises the profit that those powers that drive Civilisation can make.

The combined creative potential in humanity is immense, and, if it were unleashed, societies would advance with incredible leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, Civilisation is designed to restrain this creative power in order to assimilate it for itself. Where progress appears cautious, it is because Civilisation hasn’t yet taken control of the innovations.

In this sense, Civilisation is paranoid about human progress. It is deeply concerned that creativity and know-how will develop societies in such a way that the profit from progress will no longer be guaranteed. Such an idea makes Civilisation extremely nervous. The accumulation of wealth is the basis of Civilisation, and it has grown addicted to it. It is time for it to go to rehab., but it says, no, no, no!


One thought on “THE PARANOID WORLD

  1. can you imagine > that even I …
    as an et … can hardly stand this paranoid world !

    and now just think of …. how devastating this insanity is for some one not having
    a chance to just getting out of here > since having no place else to go ….

    is it not clear that all those billiones are not even daring to even think of
    this > meaning their paranoid world !

    because as soon as they would even dare thinking
    they would be without an existence >>> shunned

    just some minority writer > same artist > some very indepentant mind
    can even think about his predicament ….

    and if we are not creating a humane environment on this world
    a human island paradise > there will be no hope >
    it will every change for the better

    humans need a humanity

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