Is there a balance point in a society of extremes?

Bejamin David Steele’s lucid call for a paradigm shift and a revolution of the mind. Compulsory reading …


Many liberals in the United States have become or always were rather conservative in personality and/or ideology. This is an old complaint made by many further to the left, myself included.

Quite a few liberals maybe would have identified as conservatives at a different time or in a different society. The US political spectrum is shifted so far right that moderate conservatives appear as liberals and typically portray themselves as liberals, but even these moderate conservatives long to push society further right into neoliberal corporatism and neocon authoritarianism. That is how so much of the political left gets excluded from mainstream respectability and legitimacy for, in big biz media and plutocratic politics, even a moderate liberal gets portrayed as a radical.

But the other thing about our society is how reactionary it is, not merely right-wing in the way seen a century ago. This forces the entire political left into…

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One thought on “Is there a balance point in a society of extremes?

  1. I can not see a difference between the political left or right ….
    as they are both anti sapiens ! as well as I can not see the difference
    in all those earthly religions > as they are all not valid anymore …

    only the making public of all evil and all solution > to creating on environment
    where homo sapien can exist and flourish > would make the difference >

    because this would be creating enough homo sapiens > to making the difference
    as nobody alone can be making a sapiens world with all those anti sapiens in power

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