Let us make it quite clear: Happiness is not our goal.

But how could happiness ever be a goal in the first place? It is illusionary to assume that happiness can be searched for and then found, and if this sometimes does happen it is always brought about by accident rather than via any law of cause and effect. Happiness is always only a possible emotional result of something else that has occurred or has been striven for.

That is not to say that happiness is impossible, and we do believe that a strong, enduring kind of happiness can be found through fulfilment. This is the happiness given through the satisfaction of getting important things done; or of being in the process of doing important things; the satisfaction from the feeling that one is on the right course.

There is nothing new in this idea, but the anti-human historical process of civilisation has pushed fulfilment away from any universal purposiveness toward subjective profit-making ideas of pursuing the right course. It is in the interests of our System of Accumulations that the fulfilment of one’s right course will trample over the rest and perpetuate the competitive elements of all societies that allow social injustice and economic tyranny to thrive in an almost uncritical environment. Thus, we find ourselves driven by the right course of the nation or the empire; or the family or the company we work for; or a placing of the right course in some god’s will. But really, the subjective decisions we make when deciding on our own course of action are hardly our own decisions at all, but products of constant, systemic propaganda.

Our proposal for finding happiness, is to abandon your own pseudo-subjective course in order to anchor it in humanity itself: redrawing our right courses from a cosmologically-centred, Sapiens’ point-of-view. In this way happiness is found through a universal purposiveness, which is possible for all, and because of that an authentic happiness that can be durable and life-fulfilling.


6 thoughts on “ON HAPPINESS

  1. Hi Paul,
    I agree with you that happiness doesn’t happen as a result of wanting happiness, but that it most often happens as a by-product of events that occur in our lives.
    But I want to ask you, if happiness isn’t our goal, what is? You say that we can redraw our right course from a cosmologically-centred, Sapiens’ point-of-view, but how do we decide what that right course is? Is it the one that allows the greatest human fulfilment? The one that causes the least harm to the planet?
    What do you think that right course is?
    Also, following what you are saying, maybe the problem lies in that we attach our happiness to other ‘goods’, which often are imposed on us, such as for example that happiness is tied to economic growth, to consumption or material accumulation. Therefore, as you are saying, maybe the goal is to locate and do away with this pseudo-attachment, and find again our truly subjective sense of happiness. In that case however, happiness remains central.

    • Yes, happiness is central, but it is wrapped up in a paradox: happiness is the goal, but happiness can’t be found by making it the goal, we have to look for it through fulfilment. But the road to fulfilment can only be truly fulfilling and create durable happiness if it is anchored in an authentically human reason for being. That reason is wrapped up in the tryptich of knowing, understanding, and preserving that knowledge and understanding. We are in the universe to know it and understand it. On the earth to preserve it, not damage or destroy it. A morality stemming from these three anchoring points (KUP) can be a basis for clearing the road to authentic human fulfilment, and through that fulfilment, our happiness.

      • why then ?
        are you not talking about it for all this time …
        or any one else >

        about this road to authentic human fulfillment …
        what is holding all those billions from becoming happy
        through this fulfillment ?

    • what is the supreme law ?

      the universe … and any world
      use only as defined by creation !

      and consequently from this derive >
      all commandments >

      all fundamental rights from!

      as well as the requirement for peace !
      all must recognize the present reality
      and then … guarantee a new !
      meaning an accountable life
      providing for all …

      no mirage > without any delution !
      without physical force > without taboos …
      all must be addressable !
      meaning capable of >
      being a responsible citizen …


  2. .
    but on the planet of satan there can be no >>>

    knowledge > because its all about stupidity !
    understanding > because its all about not getting the point !
    preservation > because its all about destruction !
    because there can be no love >
    since its all about hate !

    and as soon as some one is not competing with this
    he is not existing any more … ust dying every day anew !

    so should we not talk about ?
    why its >>>

    all about dying
    all about being stupid
    all about not seeing
    all about hate ?

    just camouflaged as love > success > being smart !

    and then … should we not talk about ?
    how to change this evil reality !

    because only if we manage
    to change the planet of satan > to a planet of creation

    can there be knowledge
    understanding …. presevation = love

    or can we have any >>>

    knowledge of stupidity ?
    any understanding of not understanding ?
    any preservation of destruction ?

    • .
      documenting a day in the life of > first planet first planet > at our very right > the sun > below left > what is looking like a tiny moon
      being the space ship > watching out for the safety ….. parked in geo stationary orbit over the settlement >
      with only the sensor doors open !

      we are seeing no lites an the planet be low !
      no sign of any settlement … or manufactoring >
      the only thing to indicating any population as of now >
      are the out rigger sail boats beached > the solar electric rovers > the river boats ….
      but there is an emergency plan ready to put all those under cover should any need arise !

      the camoflaged hydro electric plant at the river falls is not operating
      the lites for orientation in all the housing and control centers
      is being supplied by tiny local thermo nuclear power plants
      from the former uses on the roboter ships
      and planet rovers ….

      there is no other hind of any human population any where from here ….
      naturally … no broadcasting of any radio trans mission of this world
      can be received at any distance !

      as all communication is done > by quanta communicators >
      low power short distance equipment or through under ground lines ….

      we are now in the main command room > the display showing >>> automatic surveillance mode on >
      no space sensors > no space ships > now asteroid on coordinates 6 39 15.70 > 2 16 22.17 >
      received quanta message from planet two > but no frequency messages >>>
      since automatic mode started !

      the crew sleeping > like all residents be low on the planet ….

      we are now going toward the first planet > seeing a roboter ship > monitoring the settlement >
      seeing a predator going toward it …. notifying the nearest planet rover automatically at the planet surface
      there the animal repulsion system is activated > and the tiger is making a U turn and going off ….

      we are now in a cave > at the rivers bank > seeing two children in the dawn of the new day !
      the increasing light being brought in their room by an automated mirror from the rising sun >
      the led clock showing 5 45 …. the date 05 03 154 > at this moment >
      the boy is waking up and looking what time and saying aloud >
      having to be getting up soon !

      when his sister is opening her eyes too …..

      now we are in the kitchen of the cave > where the boy is telling his parents there >>>
      that he does not want to go to school today > but be playing with his friends at the river ….
      his mom asking him > what they are having in school today ?
      and he startles ….

      because he was to show off his experiment of mixing colors today !
      so … he thinks > he will be going to school today after all …
      to be showing off > an electric motor

      where a disk of all colors in sectors ….
      will be becoming an off white once turning …

      the mother saying >
      we are having > commanders day 100th anniversary coming up in 3 days
      then we will all be having off … and dancing and singing together all day long
      do you remember what he has been doing for us ?

      yes … says the girl > he was the founder of our religion > he and his crew of a space ship
      put the tyrant and his bandits of the empire on a planet to die …
      while having time to realize all their wrong doing …

      and settled this world for us > free of any wrong doings ….

      out of …… star-peace.org

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