From Khaos to Being, via Sapiens


The original Greek χάος comes from the verb to gape and is therefore the dark emptiness, the black abyss in the yawning mouth of the Universe.

In Greek cosmology this was the word used to describe the state of non-being prior to creation. Our modern cosmology could use the term to describe the state of non-being before the Big Bang, but it doesn’t – probably because the concept is hardly a very scientific assumption; the void of Khaos would imply that there was space before the Big Bang, rather than the more generally held notion of space and time being created by the Big Bang. What’s more, chaos, as it is usually spelt, has come to mean other things, which is why we write it as khaos.


For us, our interest in Khaos lies in the idea of a moment when non-being became the process of becoming that leads to Being, and an affirmation that such a moment was not the Big Bang. In fact, it took place millions of years after the Big Bang. The shift from a state of non-being to the process of becoming Being was a very quiet development, more like an unheard oozing than any noisy leap or an explosion of light.

Being has always been a slow process of becoming, an evolutionary unfolding, rooted in perception. It began with the first bleeps of perception from the first perceiving micro-organisms, and has developed into those complex life-forms capable of understanding and communicating their awareness, self-consciousness etc., that we call Sapiens.

In the beginning was the word …” The process to Being started with the naming of things. Being is the product of an unveiling. The Creation is not a creation as such, but a discovery or reaffirmation of the existence that would otherwise be pointlessly trapped in the yawning mouth of Khaos.

From the original notion of Khaos came the cosmological notion of a primordial state in which our cosmos in potentia is waiting to be formed in the yawning mouth. From this notion came the erroneous assumption that such a formation could only be managed by a Demiurge, the Creator, while in fact that creator is Sapiens. The Creator is all of us. Creation occurred when the yawning mouth of humanity spat out the first word.

The creator is Sapiens, and humanity (homo sapiens) is a part of that Sapiens entanglement with Being itself. Each time we utter or think a word we are taking part in the divine process of becoming that is embedded in all Being. The difference between the Universe and the Void, flows through us.

This placing of Being in the language of Sapiens, means that being is not just what is observed, understood and perceived, it also exists in the language of potential and conditionals. Being is what is, what has been, and what it could and will be. Being rejoices in us: not just in itself reflected in our perception of it, but also in our vision of its own potentials.


Let us not be mean with Being. Give it all our love – our appreciation, understanding and preservation – and all our desire for the unleashing of its most incredible potentials, guided by our own unlimited imaginations.


3 thoughts on “From Khaos to Being, via Sapiens

  1. yes …. the universe is meaningless until there are homo sapiens
    perceiving it with all their wisdom … with all their responsibility for it
    that is coming only through total consciousness

    and not ever wasting any of it …..

    and .. we can say >
    that there has to be empty space all over space every where
    except for any universe

    what could there be else > but empty space ?
    a sign … no space here ?

    und before this universe > statistically probably just another universe before
    that having been > after all the stars having gone out …
    compacted again into a singularity

    just as when our sun here has all the fuel burned up > the rest will be
    collapsing into a white dwarf …. and then later with billions of others
    into a black hole … and the trillions of black holes into a singularity ….

    but is this even important ?
    when every one else …. is having their last drink > listening to the music
    getting into a life raft from the titanic >>> instead of saving her !
    what would be as easy as taking candy from a baby ….

  2. paul …. I have a question > I am asking for decades >>>
    how could space being created ???

    space can be filled with matter and so becoming a universe
    and this space can then have laws of behaving

    but what else would there be before this big bang >
    then space > meaning emptiness every where !
    trillons of light years in every direction ….

    and then …. the second question > what could have possibly
    created this big bang > this universe ?
    if it was not a creator > having created himself > just are you saying
    step by step in this empty space …. every trillion years time

    one quanta of energy ………….


    • No-one knows what exists outside of our Universe, or what existed before the Big Bang. We can try and imagine it, but we are a long way of saying what it could be with any certainty. Aristotle argued, a bit like you, that we’d have to imagine the space of the Universe enclosed in another space, which would then be enclosed by another space … ad infinitum.
      By argument is basically that of German Idealism, that the unperceived Universe has no qualitative existence: it is meaningless until it is perceived, but expands in meaningfulness the more it is appreciated and understood (or loved). This is why Sapiens entities are such vital and important components of the Universe.

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