Radicalism and the Closet Alt-Right


The capitalist-built edifice we are all living in is cracking apart. Our architects have made a thorough inspection of the cracks in the wall and recommend a demolition rather than any vain attempts to prop it up and renovate. The problem is not in the façade, but in the very foundations and supports that just cannot keep holding up this far too bulky, overgrown and overweight monstrosity.

The foundation of capitalism depends on a perpetual growth, albeit moving cyclically along, with periodical episodes of recession and even depression, but impossibly perpetual nonetheless. Impossible because this idea of eternal swelling needs an inexhaustible supply of resources to feed its insatiable hunger.

We are now at a moment in capitalism’s great banquet, when the impossibility of this eternal orgy of consumption is becoming well apparent to those of us within the building. The resources that our capitalist-edifice is sucking up out of the planet it is perched on are limited, and that limitation and its effects on the environment around the edifice are becoming frighteningly obvious and tangible.

In short, it is imperative now that we pull this edifice down and build something better – something that will blend in a harmonious way with the environment that it exists in. An environment that it needs to maintain in a healthy way to ensure its own existence and guarantee a high quality of life for all those residing in the edifice.

So, capitalism must go. And, yes, whilst being an honest analysis of the situation, this is also a radical one and a dangerous one. In fact, much of the thinking currently revolving around this crumbling-edifice syndrome is even more dangerous than the current-situation itself.

Instead of looking forward to constructing a new edifice out of the rubble of capitalism, the new radical ideologues are spending great deals of time and money in re-hashing old ideas, moving theological revolutions (ISIS and other radical evangelicals); communist nostalgias; and the ugly growing reactionary wave of the alt-right.

With the legitimacy provided by Trump’s victory taking the presidency of the United States, there has been a proliferation of alt-right ideas in the social networks by a species of closet alt-right complainers; neo-Nazis that haven’t yet come out of the cupboard, they live, like the U.S. President himself, in a space of denial, screaming forth their perverse ideology of fear and hate from the safety of their dark cubbyhole, which they wrongly assume, hides their true colours from the world outside.

The closet alt-right person will typically slip into someone’s Twitter or Facebook feed and post a radical, unmistakeably alt-right statement – something like “if the Nazis had won the war the world would be a better place,” or “Auschwitz was a leftist-plot,” or “the white-race is in danger of extinction.” Of course, anyone expressing such ideologies are flying a swastika flag and announcing that they support fascist ideologies, but when this obviousness is pointed out to them, they claim that they are not fascist sympathisers at all. Hence the term “closet” fascists.

But how should we interpret this? Because the closet alt-right denies the alt-right, does that mean they also, deep-down know that their ideas are morally repugnant, but that, nevertheless, they believe them to be necessary. Well, the first problem with their reasoning is that they can’t really be both at the same time. Authentic morality points humanity in the direction of where we ought to be, or ought to be going, and the morally repugnant indicates the exact opposite – where we should never be. Alt-right morality, therefore, can only be morally acceptable in an alt-right society – which means a racially pure and ideologically singular society of like-minded fascists. In any other kind of society, the alt-right morality is abhorrent, perverse and totally inappropriate – hence the need for the neo-Nazi to stay hidden in the closet. But Trumpism has given them wings. They know the President of the most powerful nation on Earth is one of them – he’s a closet Nazi, and they can learn from him and his obsession to vomit-forth alt-right messages from his Twitter account.

Yes, the edifice is crumbling, but the problem is universal, all of us, the whole of humanity will be affected by its demolition. Because of that, to pull it down and build a new, morally-repugnant construct for humanity would be tantamount to bringing about the end of humanity as we know it; not in order to create the Übermensch of the Aryan race that the Nazis fantasised about, but to create the most barbaric form of humanity that exists and represents the basest kind of human-being and the worst kind of human stupidity – the morally repugnant kind.

The edifice is crumbling, and we need to pull it down and rebuild. But with new ideas that will create a human partnership with the planet and the resources of nature; with technologies that will liberate all of humanity to be intelligent creators; and with a human purposiveness that is focussed on where we are going as a Sapiens entity in a Universe of information. With purposiveness comes happiness, and with happiness comes a better quality of life, but human purpose always has to be human-purpose; a purpose for all. To achieve this, we need fearless thinkers who have authentic moral view-points, cultivated around positive ideas of what humanity as whole ought to be … not from fearful, abominable preachers, whinging from the shadows of their closets.


23 thoughts on “Radicalism and the Closet Alt-Right

  1. .
    paul have you any idea ?

    what we could be doing …
    to further our goal of saving this world ?

    I am now thinking …
    that to get those ebooks not only at the libraries
    but at all those other ebook dealers
    and distributing them there …

    what do you think about this idea ?

    I have been thinking about posting graphics
    on all public buildings … but it may only back fire …
    even though it is legal here if the constitution is in danger
    I will do this only as a last resort !


  2. I am doing this on a philosphie forum
    started doing posts about 2 years ago

    and after about 1600 of them >
    am just about ready to have one of those zombies convinced
    it is just amazing to me > how destructed all those are
    and I can see why no one wants to go against this
    this is really the planet of satan
    and this here nazi 4.0

    and I would not be here one day
    if there was not the finest constition on earth here too
    just waiting to save this whole word with

    if any one wants to > https://philosophie-forum.com
    the security certificate is expired > but I am seeing no problem
    there is an english section there too
    just look under >>> philosopy

  3. .
    I just got back the ” decision ” from the federal constitution court
    and they are saying things > the nazies would be proud of !
    trump would be jazzed about > every alt right

    we need some billions of homo sapiens on this world
    so we are no longer terrorized by those masses of insanity !
    they are creating > by just ignoring all human rights


  4. .

    and why can nobody see this ?

    because they are zombies of the masses of insanity
    and why are they zombies ?

    because they are at birth >
    totally at the mercy of their mother !
    or some one else …

    and those mothers where from their birth
    totally at the mercy of the insanity
    of their parents ….

    so we have no one on native to planet earth
    having had the possibility to even being sane

    except the chance to start thinking
    and as soon they are doing this

    they are getting into conflict to the masses of insanity
    into conflict with their parents

    except if those having developed some sanity
    but even if their son developing all those decriptives
    he will still be against all those billions
    who are mostly un developed
    entities of insanity

    so … how can we develop more sanity ?
    first thing would be to guarantee human rights
    and for this > we need a critical mass of sanity


  5. .

    and how could we change this ?

    animalistic power exertion
    principially destroying all human
    and all physical environments ?

    only through a constitutional order
    guaranteeing human rights !

    why can nobody see this ?


  6. .

    all those are doing nothing …
    but to unite to destruct and enslave

    any individual …
    can not be animal
    and human at the same time
    that is knowledge for a tausend years on planet earth
    see > petrus abaelardus

    and a billion years in this universe
    see > an introduction to the religion
    and history of the galactic nation

    so… as long as animals are even present
    in any human environment >

    there can not be a humanity
    but animalistic power exertion
    principially destroying all human
    and all physical environments

    can any one here see this ?


  7. .

    paul … can you even imagine this billion mass of stupidity ?
    not even being able to talk about any thing of value …


  8. .

    we need a religion … having no dogma > only solutions !
    need a government … having no dogma > only solutions !
    need a society … having no dogma > only offers
    need an industry being responsible >
    meaning realy sustainable

    does any one have a better idea ?


  9. .

    the more I think about the condition
    you are writing so descriptive about here on your blog

    the more I am convinced
    that we have to provide a humane order
    before any one else to even talk about
    this gruesome environment

    just as your guy up at this title picture is saying
    he needs to cope with it in some way or another
    his being just one gruesome way to do it
    the left is another

    as a matter of fact >
    there seems to be just ways of coping
    with this planet earths gruesomeness
    not to make it better !

    so I have been laying down some charge to the federal supreme court
    because they are violating the constitution > actually just ignoring it
    just using all those democratic laws to make out of planet earth
    a second venus > destroying all sapiens there fore

    Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

    what do you think about this as a frame of humane order ?


  10. .

    it being impossible for me believe > that any one
    taking about happiness as the aspiration of human life
    could possible be coming up with a solution
    because this striving for happiness

    as we both know … is the problem > not the solution
    but > I just send them an email


    to whom it may concern ….

    have you any idea how hopeless this planetary population is ?

    when all those are doing nothing … but to unite to destruct and enslave
    to bringing forth fata morganas > to bring them … ” happiness ” !

    and not a sapient society !

    just to look at the religion of ….
    just look at all of europe … all a darwinian selection of fata morganas
    this endless striving for the water > being not even there !

    because those billions are incapable of even having real aspirations
    not even knowing > what will be working for billions of years !

    because there is no aspiration any where honorable
    those billions do not want to save their world … saving them selfs !
    because they are a darwinian selection not able to even talk about their condition
    just maybe this fata morgana >

    ” we have to get to this none existing water up front ! ”

    so … this is pessimistic ?
    why would be telling such positive ?

    and this is was divides the parties > not the real solution for an honorable world
    not left versus right > not europe versus asia > not africa versus america
    but just different ways of coping with an … this impossible condition
    where no one even can be taking about their hopeless existence
    because the solution is right there before your very eyes !

    for you to see a real honorable society
    being on millions x millions of planets
    being trillion homo sapiens
    in all this universe


  11. .

    homo sapiens ?
    zombies of the masses of insanity !

    having no other aspiration then to force upon
    every one still being sane > their insanity
    to perpetuate this very mass of insanity

    and if they can not destruct any sapient entity
    then they just ignore it > till he dies of
    being bored to his death by zombies

    not even being able to disgussing
    their mass of insanity

    or any solution > to eliminate
    this mass of delusion

    or any solution what so ever !

    as far as we can see
    there be only one solution
    to this mass of problems


  12. I will give you a hint …

    there seems to be no better idea !
    because it seems there can be no better idea !

    because no quantum theory
    has changed those billions to humans

    no relativity theory has changed them
    no newton has made a dent on this insanity

    not even a kepler and his idea of
    this planet running circles around this sun …

    just a few scientist having a new way of … what ?

    of playing around > coming up with new technology
    there while the environment is going to hell

    there while all those billions now
    are just keep playing around buying
    all this new technology

    this is what we have found out
    for the last billion years

    so what is the best idea available ?

    to making reality … public
    to force this onto all the billions
    against all delusions

    to guarantee all human rights in reality
    to having no money > no waste > no delusions

    so how do we do this ?

    I am at the highest courts here
    charging them to violating the constitution
    and if we can make them see this

    then this will becoming a public reality
    and they will have to stop wasting this world
    and they will export all this

    to the rest of this world
    not a billion cars and all this other waste …

    can you see this ?
    can any one under stand this ?

  13. .

    did you notice the error in assumption ?

    a defined particle >
    can not change the masses of particles
    through his own decision >

    it can not ever >
    according to the quatum theory >

    only undefined particles are free to deside
    in concert with other undefined particles
    on a new order

    so how could we change this tyranny of destruction
    to a sapient order ?

    if those billions are not being able to do
    this change > because they are forced by the masses
    to comply to the definition of the masses

    only if we find ever more undefined entities
    to create an ever greater humanity

    to then displace all the masses of tyranny
    through pure force of our conviction

    or is there a better idea ?


  14. .

    paul …

    how in heavens have you come up with all this ?
    without any kind of positive example on this planet
    collecting it from all this literature you have been reading ?

    this I have been writing yesterday ….

    quantum social dynamics

    just as in quantum mechanics
    the individual particle will not be defining itself
    but only in a mass of such particles

    or any intruding measurement
    any out side will …

    any creation

    so can any indivitual be part of this mass of insanity
    or being part of any humane paradise

    so all these need to becoming aware of this possibility
    that we are not destined to being destruction

    but all can just as a flick of their own decision
    becoming part of being a guardian of creation
    a never ending paradise


    why are there not billions here seeing this ?


  15. yes … of course >

    but the realy last removal of preforming
    was the quantum idea > meaning that >
    any individual particle

    will not be definingany thing
    but only in the mass of such > will be any thing realized

    just as the individual >
    will not create any meaning to our universe
    but only if he can motivate all indivituals >
    through endless communication
    can this be happening

    and this is what we have to do >>>

    we need to include all those billions
    with out them all is meaningless

    and how do we do this ?

    we need a global forum >>>
    but how could those billions even talk about ?
    their own destruction forced on to them
    through just those masses of insanity ?

    how could they even dare thinking about
    their own destruction ?

    do you have any idea ?
    other then ….


    • A new paradigm shift would have to diminish the sense of ego and open up doors of direct relationship to the everything of the universe. A paradigm shift explaining our deep connection and partnership with the universe will revolutionize our internal relationship with ourselves, and make humans less self-obsessed and more Sapiens.

  16. yes … the nazis where bad > and trump is bad >
    but as I will have to point out again ….

    the left has on the whole not much more to offer !
    let us look just at this so called racismen >>>

    people having geneticaly black skin
    should not be dying in places such as wisconsin
    because there they have no way to generate enough of this vitamin d
    to living a healty life

    and they should not make out of
    people with white skin ….

    so it seems to me > that we have to come up with
    a brand new party of ideas > and how could we do this ?

    of cource .. we would have to talk about things
    without any preformed set of mind

    and … as far as we know it > this would as well be the way
    to do it every day again and again till eternity

    because this preformed notion is what is doing all the damage
    and why are all those billions having preformed minds ?

    simply > because those have to conform to what ever is put into them
    from birth on > and as far as I can see > there is no way to change this
    other then giving every body the right to live without this set frame

    that every society is up to now preforming >
    by having human rights to keep this from happening

    and this is what I am doing right now
    do you have a better idea ?

    • If you look at the history of science, all great progess has happened through Paradigm Shifts. The last great Paradigm Shift was the shift from Newtonian mechanics to Einstein’s theory of Relativity. This was a tremendous revolution that was accepted as a new paradigm of perception within a few decades. Before Einstein we were preformed in Newton, now we are preformed in Einstein. That is why I think that we need another scientific paradigm shift that will confirm the theory of a purposeful fine-tuned universe in which humanity is a purposeful, integral part of our physical reality, with all the moral reponsibilities coming from that (there are members of the scientific community who are presently advocating this paradigm shift to a meaningful universe). Such a shift will change the universal perception of reality and make meaningful change a lot easier to come about. Really, it is the most necessary and positive step forward that can take place. I go into this topic in more detail in my posts on metaphysics and science.

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