Nothing changes until it can change. No changes happen, and no new things are created, until there is the technology and the know-how that can bring those changes about.

All lack can be abolished through knowledge and the application of technology, once that technology exists, to the abolition of lack. If the technology is lacking, know-how is needed to create it, and more know-how is needed to apply the technology to that other thing that is lacking.

But, what is lack?

Lack may be felt, or it may be imagined. It is in the realm of imagined lack that creativity becomes the protagonist. Lack can also be universal or local or individual. An egalitarian economy has to be based on a science of lack, which in turn, needs to be rooted in necessity. The social-utopian slogan “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” is, fundamentally, a question of lack.


1 thought on “A NOTE ON “LACK”

  1. .

    what is lacking most on planet earth
    is the failure of wisdom

    and there for the lack of a generel confidence
    that to doing the right thing
    is being the best of all

    and there for every day the decadence tp more distrust
    more criminel energy … more destruction

    and delusional probaganda
    because of the need for ever more delusion

    so what could be the solution ?
    this population is materially too spoiled on the one hand
    and spiritually too disenchanted on the other

    that any thing could be done
    since all are on the flight from reality
    filght from reponsibility

    and on this hunt for conceit
    for the next kick

    we would have to put all of them into
    a drug anti addiction facility
    like any drug addict !

    but we have no way of doing this with billions
    it can not be done in this constellation
    to my reconning it can not be done

    because those are to pefect products
    of this satanic environment

    so we do not know any solution
    other then eliminating this danger
    to our universe

    because if this pest is let wasting this planet
    and develop means to reach other world for destruction
    it will waste this galaxy and then all intelligent life

    so we will have to act soon


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