The perpetual process of Unconcealment in the Perceived Universe

Sun breaking through clouds over ocean

With the Universe revealed (either through direct perception of it or through speculation) it invites the Sapiens being to try and understand it, which means being able to find the thing (or things) as it (they) really is (are).

Through Sapiens curiosity, the unconcealment is constant and the ‘cosmic will’ is in a process of being fulfilled. To be in harmony with the Universe, therefore, we have to be constantly revealingit.

This constant unconcealment is also a perpetual re-revealing. The revealing is unceasing once it is established in Sapiens as part of its nature and tied to its very Being. Once a Sapiens entity exists in the Universe, every millisecond moment provides a new un-veiling and revealing becomes as constant as the passage of time itself.

Nevertheless, despite this constancy, it cannot be assumed that a high standard in the quality of revealing is also constant. Societies have developed in ways that take hold of the individual’s power of revealing in order to trap its subjects’ imaginations within its own field of concerns. Individuals are therefore made dull by society, their minds atrophied by the predictability of the day to day and the banality of gossip. The societies of our WEIRD civilisation foments minds that stop searching, ones that prefer to have reality spoon-fed to them.  

However, the Unconcealment embedded in such a profound systemic crisis as the pandemic we are currently facing, strips the System of much of its concealing masks and its dysfunctionality gives society enough distance to get an objective view of the paradigm in which we are immersed.

What is being unconcealed today is firstly, the tremendous power that the capitalist economy has over all our lives and secondly, the enormous weakness that power has in being able to provide a dignified existence for the humanity it organises. The selfish aims of the system and its shameful exploitation of humanity to create Wealth for a tiny minority are now easier to perceive.

Whether this general Unconcealment can be translated into a positive upheaval, remains to be seen.

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