God is not dead, It hasn’t been created yet.

Only through humanity can God emerge, yet in order to do that humanity itself must evolve: it must become eternal.

Someone has already found the secret, although the gift is also a great curse. The curse of Purgatory. Nevertheless, to what lengths will others go to to possess even the most accursed secret for themselves?… find out in Purgatory.

An epic story needs an epic process for its creation: ten years in the jungles of research and on the stormy seas of composition; two years in the doldrums of searching for a literary agent; three years of the torture of rejection slips; seven years in its own isolated centre within the void… But now, at last, the tale has been liberated from its Purgatory. The Purgatory that it is. The journey now completed in its first part, is allowed to reveal itself. The journey as a tale: across two vast oceans, unto worlds unknown, and yet intuited. There must be continuation. Even death itself must be challenged.

The Terra Australis Incognita is an historical work: Purgatory follows the first Spanish attempt to discover the great south continent of Australia, crossing the Pacific in search of King’s Solomon’s Mines and the secret of eternal life.

It is an esoteric work: Purgatory’s anti-hero is the alchemist explorer, Sarmiento de Gamboa. But what the alchemist strove for is still sought after. The secret of eternal life. The promise that it can be possessed by a few.

Purgatory is a mystery: that only reading it will reveal.

Epic, romantic: concerning humaity’s deepest fears and dreams. A book of hope and failure. A book of love and hate.  A book where dream becomes nightmare. A book in which myth becomes real. If you want to go there, really go there… Purgatory is your only option.

But this is just an introduction… You won’t find Purgatory here. Yet if you follow the link, you might be rewarded. Good luck:


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