Paul David Adkin’s third novel is a lyrical and philosophical journey of the heart set on a wild and remote Greek island.

Young Australian Belinda Babchek doesn’t know if she was pushed or is running away from her life in Melbourne. Abandoning her transitory existence in Madrid, she flees across Europe, first to Germany, then to Greece.
There, invisible threads from the past bring her into the orbit of Robert Aimard, Englishman, novelist and inn-keeper, a man living with a loss that haunts him daily. Their casual meeting grows to engulf them and tragically change their lives forever.
This poetic and beautiful book examines with a rare honesty the fascinating terrain of the human psyche, the landscape of thought and feeling buried below the trite and stupid preoccupations of global consumerism. It is only fitting that it is set in Greece, cradle of Western civilisation.

“This book is full of monsters. Not the physical kind but the ones that always hold me, the intellectual kind. It is a book of ideas, of philosophies and of characters. People who leap out at you, people you’ve met or would have liked to. Fictional and real people — the paradox of good writing.”
Danny Fahey, author

When Sirens Call can be obtained direct from the publisher:




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