The Logically Necessitate

Do processes in nature have to be logically necessary? If this is so, could it be that the very basis of the Universe, its a priori law from which everything has been formed, is that everything has to be logically necessary? But if this were so, then either A) the logical necessity, in such a volatile evolutionary process as our Universe, must be necessary in order to achieve some finality (a universe driven by final purpose) and is subsequently deterministic; or B) the logical necessity in the evolving cosmos is a process of self-discovery about what logical necessity actually is (a universe in search of itself). But in either case, how could an inanimate universe know what logical necessity is?

To answer this question, logical thinking has arrived at the proposition that God is a logical necessity, but this is an illogical conclusion because the idea of God itself is illogical, or if a logic can be found to explain the existence of God, that same logic could also be used to explain the existence of a godless universe.

Accepting this is important, for only without the absurdity of God can we begin thinking clearly about humanity’s logical place and role in the Universe.

In its evolution, the Universe goes through stages of being perceived and not perceived. In a qualitative sense, existence is tied to perception, the Universe exists-in-perception. So, if sapiens organisms like human beings are the things that most deeply perceive the Universe then the Universe exists-in-perception to the qualitative extent that sentient beings are able to perceive it. A universe perceived only by amoeba is not qualitatively the same as a universe perceived by sentient, logically thinking organisms like humans.  

In its quality-enhancing role in the Universe, humanity has a dual function: not only is it that which perceives most deeply, it is also a creator, through its arts and technologies, inventing and constructing new things to be perceived. Humanity creates its own universes within the Universe; universes which are all parts of the greater Universe, which is the whole.

What then is the logically necessitate reason for the existence of humanity in the Universe? Surely it has to be tied to the Universe’s own need to exist-in-perception, but it may also lie in our power to transform the same Universe; to embellish it and perhaps even rectify certain imperfections in the eternal and infinite aspects of the cosmos. In this sense, the fact that humanity itself is such a terribly flawed organism is perhaps our greatest virtue, for only by overcoming the deep imperfections in our own natures will be able to evolve into the truly cosmos-reforming and universe-healing entity which must, logically, be our final purpose and destiny. But standing between ourselves and that destiny are those same imperfections we logically need to overcome. To fulfil ourselves and complete our destiny we need to prevail over all of our deeply corrupt tendencies for social squabbling and our profound lack of vision beyond our individual needs and pleasure principles. What is at stake here, now, is not political but existential and fatalistic. Our destiny depends on our getting our shit together and making ourselves and our world a truly better place.               

2 thoughts on “The Logically Necessitate

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  2. Nice, Paul. It leads me down this tangent. How about if the universe is characterized by logical necessity, but there is always one small gap in the necessity. If the logical necessity were absolute, everything would be absolutely fixed – no possibility of transformation, of evolution. But that little gap in the system, the space of anxiety, of longing, is the source of all becoming. And where the power of logical necessity fails within that gap, imagination steps in to fill the void. After all, if logical necessity allows us to explain what is, imagination allows us to envision what could be. It is what you call “the power to transform” reality. Or, to use your term, “embellishment,” let’s say the universe is characterized by 99% necessity and 1% embellishment, but that 1% embellishment – that’s where all the action is – all the longing, anxiety, subjective and intersubjective joys and pains of becoming – i.e., all of what gives our lives value. Maybe I could substitute “consciousness” here for “imagination.” But where the intellect might prefer “consciousness,” the child in me prefers “imagination.” The child in me always wins 😊.

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